imageOur mission is to spread the use of clean, renewable solar power and technologies as simply and as rapidly as possible. That’s why we’ve done everything possible to eliminate obstacles to both buying the solar power, and becoming energy independence.

With an expected mid-term carbon offset advanced investment earned from CCN Green Market Place within the next 6 months for about 4million Metric Tons CO2, GoSolarAfrica shall be able to deploy its first 15,000 SHS for residential customers after fulfilling all conditions under the Solar Rental Agreement.

Our program entails no up-front costs or fees, unlike several other solar companies; but we do demand that you invest time in educating yourself and in turn educating the consumer about renewable energy, most specifically, PV-generated electricity.

The exciting aspect is that the renewable energy industry is still in its infancy. With less than 1.3% total market penetration, the renewable energy industry has a huge market to tap into. What’s more, solar power makes up less than 3/5 of a percent of the renewable share in Africa’s power sector, and yet, solar power has the greatest potential of all renewable types.

Arguably, PV is the most elegant form of energy generating technology. In the past it has failed to make a substantial impact on our grid and nation, due chiefly to the price disparity of the technology. But GosolarAfrica has changed all of that. Solar power is now cost competitive with the utility price, and more over, consumers no longer have to make an upfront investment. They are able to pay for it the same way that they pay for their current electricity – less one distinct difference, the cost of PV-generated electricity has the potential of staying fixed for up to 10 years.

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