Green Ambassador

imageWith a captive and willing audience – over 70% of the market, GoSolarAfrica Green Ambassadors can build themselves a long-term second income with much awaited carbon credit realization in Africa. The thrifty green ambassadors will spend very little time and effort to attract customers, and need only shell out a few cash in marketing and advertising costs to reap the benefits of several years of carbon credit commissions.

When an Ambassador signs up and successfully completes our initial training and energy audit test, they become a full-fledged green ambassador. From there, simply begin spreading the good news about our remarkably affordable solar power systems and offerings. Successful ambassadors find the quickest way to attract residential customers and in return become eligible for long-term residual income: green ambassadors receive Carbon Credit based on monthly carbon offsets generated through our customer rental fee and the green market place, and receive bonuses for customers that sign long-term contracts (see Compensation plan for more details – ).

Beyond the financial rewards of being a representative of goSolarAfrica, Green Ambassadors will be fulfilled with the knowledge that the Solar Home Systems being added to our offgrid plan for homes are replacing fossil fuels and are the first step to greater energy surety and a smarter grid.

To be a green Ambassador, you do not need to be a college graduate or a seasoned sales executive. All you need to be is someone with the desire to make a difference in the World, desire to end black outs, and someone who shares our belief that solar power will make that difference. That’s it. There is no cost to join! Our sole interest is in creating a family of GoSolarAfrica who understand the good they can do by simply selling this system. So please continue reading and make the choice to join once you have finished.

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