Free Solar Kit (Do It Yourself - DIY)

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Since 2007, GosolarAfrica project has created more than 50,000 new jobs for women, youths and students across Nigeria. 80% of the household’s customers in the areas we operate are housewives who relied on income from third parties. Household incomes were very low making it difficult for most women to meet the costs of most household needs including fuel. 66% of the households earned less than $50 per month.

The initiative is currently creating an average of $200 monthly per woman on our solar network program; a network of about, 10,000 Green Entrepreneurs across the communities we operate.

Regular Do It YourSelf solar educational program are held across the nation providing education and information on the environment, renewable energy and entrepreneurship to the community. Our 500 Green Clubs in secondary schools now reach out to more than 60,000 students who passionately carry out various solar projects to increase their knowledge.

The project have over the years enjoyed cooperation, partnership and supports from community groups, other NGOs, private companies, the Government and faith based organizations. These partnerships have helped the rapid scale up of the project from product design, technical support, financial support, training, linkages and group mobilization for product training and entrepreneurship skill workshops.

GoSolarAfrica have distributed over 200,000 Solar Fitila (lantern) and have replaced over 1,000 "petrol generator" operated phone charging centers across the country with new safer and cleaner Solar powered phone charging systems, leading to improved economic status. Our unique Solar Micro Enterprise model have reached over 25,000 youths and women in about 56 communities across the country while continuing to give revolving loan to purchase and distribute Solar technologies and also provide them with the required knowledge and business management skills that would place them on a better economic platform.

Without a Solar Lighting, desperate poor families must either buy expensive and dangerous Candle or kerosene or walk for miles seeking scarce battery operated LEDs. Women experience food poisoning and battles respiratory problem in their children when burning kerosene or stays in darkness when no other fuel can be found.

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